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SMD, 6_Pads

inductive proximity sensor, battery operated, evaluation board

Model: M18M3-NO
Mercury M18M2-NO, Inductive Proximity Sensor, NPN output. 2.5V~27V supply voltage. Industry's lowest 6 µA current consumption at 2.5V. Normally open, shielded M18 threaded metal cylinder housing, 3-wire Cable IP65 protection, no indicator. 2 mm sensing distance. 5 KHz response frequency. -20⁰C ~+70..
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Model: UIPS1
Mercury UIPS1, Inductive Proximity Sensor demenstration board for your evaluation. Custom modifications and packaging are welcome. NPN output. 2.2V~16V supply voltage, 5 µA current consumption, Normally Closed, Non-shielded Evaluation board, SMD Pads, -25⁰C ~+55⁰C, 23x18x7.6 mm. No indicator...
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